How to find partners for speaking on Linguaspeak?

There are two options how to find people on linguaspeak.

1. On the main page, there is a list of rooms, you can find an appropriate room and just join it.

feed of linguaspeak

Each room has its own characteristics:

  • Target language
  • Recommended levels of language (System of levels)
  • The theme discussed in the room
  • Joined users in the room
  • Free places, if the room is full you can't join it

Based on these characteristics, you can choose the room you need and just join it.

2. You can create your own room and joind it.

In order to create new room you must click on the button - 'Create new room' which is located above all rooms.

Create new room on linguaspeak

Here you can set up your own parameters and create the new room.

After creation, you can wait for users who join to your room.

Thanks for the reading, Have a good time!

Linguaspeak, 2021
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